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Theatre in San Sebastian: a tour of the city’s theatres


Anyone who wants to enjoy theatre in San Sebastian will find a wide range of venues with a programme to suit all tastes. From historic theatres such as the Teatro Principal or Victoria Eugenia, to micro-theatres or small alternative venues in bars and restaurants, as well as several cultural centres.

The Pocket Theatre Festival has recently been held, and this March 9 begins dFeria, the XXVI. edition of the Performing Arts Festival. Furthermore, on March 27th, International Theatre Day, the Donostia Antzerki Saria Prize is awarded to the best work in Basque language performed on the city’s stages.

But although March is the month most closely linked to theatre in San Sebastian, the city offers a wide range of performing arts all year round.

Teatro Principal

Located in Calle Mayor, a few steps from the Boulevard, it is the oldest theatre in San Sebastian, although the current building is not the original. It was inaugurated in 1843 (a couple of decades before the construction of the villa where today our unique hotel, Villa Favorita, is located).

The building we know today, of classical inspiration, was built in 1930 and is one of the most beloved venues for the public in the city.

It currently offers the public various shows of theater, dance, music … It also hosts several important festivals and film cycles in the city.

Victoria Eugenia

The Victoria Eugenia Theatre is one of the most emblematic buildings in San Sebastian. Throughout its century of history it has been the epicentre of the city’s cultural life and has become one of the most active and important theatres in Spain.

It was inaugurated in 1912, at the height of the city’s splendour due to its growing reputation as a spa town and the most important tourist destination for the bourgeoisie and the aristocracy. Since then it has witnessed the city’s major cultural events, such as the world premieres of the films Vertigo and North by Northwest by Alfred Hitchcock.

Between 2001 and 2007 a profound reform of the theatre was carried out, which has transformed it into an innovative stage space, equipped with the most modern equipment and services, without losing its original charm and features.

Kursaal Congress Centre

The Kursaal Congress Centre is an architectural work by Rafael Moneo located in front of the sea. It is the venue for international events such as the San Sebastian International Film Festival, Heineken Jazzaldia, the San Sebastian Musical Fortnight, but it also hosts dance and theatre performances: comedy, musicals…

Culture centres and alternative scenes

In addition to the Teatro Principal, the Victoria Eugenia and the Kursaal, San Sebastian has many cultural centres in its different neighbourhoods. Many of them have function rooms where concerts are held and plays are performed: Gasteszena in the Egia Cultural Centre, the Imanol Larzabal room in the Lugaritz Cultural Centre (in the El Antiguo neighbourhood), Intxaurrondo

Likewise, although it is not its main activity, the Tabakalera International Centre of Contemporary Culture can also become the stage for innovative plays.

Finally, you can also enjoy alternatives where theatre and gastronomy go hand in hand, such as La Farándula Microteatro, or occasional shows in bars like Convent Garden or the Altxerri jazz club.

If you would like to know more, we would be delighted to inform you about the outstanding theatre activities during your stay in our unique hotel. Do not hesitate to contact our staff.

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