> 14 years
Amelia Restaurant by Paulo Airaudo

Two Michelin stars

Arriving at Villa Favorita, entering our restaurant and sitting at the table means undertaking a new journey, embarking on an exciting itinerary with creations that combine different flavors, textures and memories, to make your trip a unique experience.

The idea of an author

A personal, open-minded approach to cuisine. A panoply of textures, smells and densities based on his Italian-Argentinean roots, with hints of his stays and experiences in many parts of the world, all modernised in the European style.

With a seasonal tasting menu constantly updated according to the rhythms of the local products.

“Eating is culture”
Paulo Airaudo

Keep an
evening aside for

For five nights every week – and for lunch too – you can enjoy the Amelia experience. A unique table even in a city where all of the food is special.

Zubieta 26
Donostia – San Sebastián
How to get here
Bar and table:
13:00 to 15:00
wednesday to
Bar. Two sittings:
19:00 and 21:45
Table. One sitting:
Any time from 19:30 to 21:30

Flavour to match the standards of
the surroundings

The gastronomic proposal at the Amelia takes the shape of an exciting tasting menu. We recommend that you set aside at least two hours to give it the time it deserves for full appreciation.

Do you want to see for yourself?

Amelia Restaurant Menu
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Another star
over the bay.

Every detail is essential, as is every mouthful; at Villa Favorita fine eating is present at all times. In the room service, in the restaurant with two Michelin stars and at breakfast for the start to a wonderful day… All designed and created with great care, day in day out, by the prestigious chef Paulo Airaudo.

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