Visiting the neighbourhoods of San Sebastian

Although its most emblematic symbol is La Concha Bay, our city has much more to offer and enjoy. This is why today we invite you to visit the neighbourhoods of San Sebastian. From the most [...]

Route through the palaces of San Sebastian

We know that the beaches are one of the main attractions of our city, but on this occasion we propose a different plan: a route through the palaces of San Sebastian. Shall we travel together to [...]

Running in San Sebastian: 10 popular races

Running in San Sebastian is a highly recommended experience for both local and visiting athletes. In addition to all the benefits of running, Donostia allows us to enjoy its landscapes while we [...]

dFERIA 2020, an essential date with the performing arts in Donostia

dFERIA 2020 is coming, an unmissable event for the performing arts sector! A San Sebastian fair specialised in indoor performances (both dance and theatre), which has become a clear reference for [...]

Theatre in San Sebastian: a tour of the city’s theatres

Anyone who wants to enjoy theatre in San Sebastian will find a wide range of venues with a programme to suit all tastes. From historic theatres such as the Teatro Principal or Victoria Eugenia, [...]

San Sebastian’s beaches, all sorts of enjoyment

Beaches and San Sebastian are an inseparable duo. Who can imagine our city without beaches? Impossible. In fact, although San Sebastian offers many attractions (gastronomy, cinema, sport…), [...]