We are

the greatest lovers of San Sebastian,
and we are fortunate to be in front of its Sea,
which comes and goes, to remind us of our common history,
our secret pact: the privilege of our location has a responsibility,
to contribute creating value to our city.

We believe

that travelling changes our mind.
That’s why welcoming the traveller can change the world,
or, at least make it a little better.
We take care of our land.
Our guests may come from far away,
but our suppliers are always close by.

We offer

an indelible experience,
but without leaving a mark on our environment.
We are just passing through;
so let’s leave a beautiful legacy for those to come.

We want

San Sebastian to be art,
culture, beautiful sound and good taste.
We support and enjoy the big
and small moving events nearby.

We wish
To share it.

Villa Favorita

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