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> 14 years
Welcome to Villa Favorita

The last original
villa on La Concha

On one side of the window, one of the world’s most beautiful
seaside promenades: La Concha Beach in San Sebastian.
On the other, the intimacy and charm of an original 19th century villa: a luxury boutique hotel.
On the one side, life, light, the sea and the salty breeze. On the other, two Michelin stars,
a pleasant stay and a welcoming corner in which to enjoy the passing of time.

We were waiting for you.

  • Villa Favorita Gastronomy

    Two stars
    over the bay

    Every detail is essential, as is every mouthful; at Hotel Villa Favorita in San Sebastian fine eating is present at all times. In the room service, in our exclusive bar with its views, in the restaurant with two Michelin stars, at breakfast for the start to a wonderful day... All designed, created with great care, day in day out, by the prestigious chef Paulo Airaudo.

  • Villa Favorita by
    Paulo Airaudo

    Two stars in every
    sip. In every bite

    Since every detail is essential, every dish, from room service to the cocktails served in the bar, not to mention the delicious breakfast, has been created with great care by this famous chef now living in the Basque Country.

  • Amelia Restaurant by
    Paulo Airaudo

    Two Michelin stars restaurant

    The aroma of the rocks at the end of the beach and the echoes of a neighbourhood in Argentina. The texture of an Igeldo apple peel and the intense red of a Bangkok street. Snippets of life, of experiences, of flavours. Audacity and diversity. Talent.


experiences, forever

Experience a place. Its sensations. Aromas, flavours, colours. The bustle of its streets and the warmth of its people. What they do. What they reveal. What they relish, what they have and what they are. We know every corner of San Sebastián, every person who has something special to tell. Would you like us to introduce you to them?

Donostia - San Sebastián

A city that never
fully discloses itself

In an increasingly uniform world, some places remain proud to be different. The surprising city of San Sebastián continues to charm its visitors. From the 19th to the 21st centuries.

An album full of memories.

See it all on our Instagram, @hotelvillafavorita

San Sebastian and the Basque Country

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