> 14 years

How to stand out
from the best?

After 16 years of cooking and in the search for culinary excellence all over the world,
chef Paulo Airaudo has found his home, in Villa Favorita and in his two Michelin stars restaurant.
His work philosophy focusses on the use of seasonal, sustainable products,
and on recovering forgotten ingredients, mainly working with small producers who share his values,
who make their way round the markets to provide him with fresh, top quality products every day..

Two more stars
over the bay

Every detail is essential, as is every mouthful; at Villa Favorita fine eating is present at all times. In the room service, in the restaurant with two Michelin stars and at breakfast for the start to a wonderful day… All designed and created with great care, day in day out, by the prestigious chef Paulo Airaudo.

Two Michelin stars

The aroma of the rocks at the end of the beach and the echoes of a neighbourhood in Argentina. The texture of Igeldo apple peel and the intense red of a Bangkok street. Snippets of life, of experiences, of flavours. Audacity and diversity. Talent.

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