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The hotel

Enjoying La Concha Bay
for more than 125 years

At the end of the 19th century, gradually and with the warmth of the court,
La Concha Bay was surrounded with elegant villas of European style, like a diamond tiara. And time,
one by one, also took them away. All of them, except one. The last villa in the bay.
The last gem in the tiara. The most special one. La Favorita.

Two Michelin Stars

We offer you a fine dining experience, created by Paulo Airaudo, in every service, and in his Amelia restaurant with its two Michelin stars.

Boutique Hotel

In a friendly environment, a special place, where everything has been created with the same idea in mind: to make every day with us unique.

Views of La Concha

The window of your room looks out over the heart of our city, over the best possible spot in the Bay.

Adults Only

Peace, comfort and relaxation. A quiet environment for guests old enough to appreciate it.

  • Donostia - San Sebastián

    Created to

    In the last third of the 19th century, Queen María Cristina began visiting San Sebastián until eventually establishing her summer residence here. With her, the entire court came to our city and work began on the building of hotels and villas in which they could stay for months. That was the start of the welcoming tradition of a city designed from elegance.

  • History of the villa

    A building which grew
    with the new city

    The municipal architect Antonio Cortázar, creator of the city’s fascinating new town, designed several of these villas for holidaymakers and, among them, a little gem in the French style built in 1866 on what was then known as the “Baths Promenade”. Today, Villa Favorita. A place created to offer a special experience in the heart of La Concha promenade.

  • Hotel tradition

    Hosts since 1868

    At that same time, and very near here, two local entrepreneurs, Manuel Balda and Juan José Matheus decided to open an inn, which would later become the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra. Today, in this singular hotel, the Hotel de Londres’ experience in service interprets the vocation to include the little Villa Favorita, the last surviving villa on La Concha Bay.


Every city has
a heart

And this is ours. In the centre of La Concha promenade. Facing Santa Clara Island, between the rows of tamarind trees. Beneath the clock towers, beside the only piece of its peculiar railings to be fitted upside down. Looking towards the sea. The essence of Donostia-San Sebastián.


The meaning
of being welcome

Two Michelin stars. A steamy seafront window. A cascade of light pouring in through the large windows. The centre of a world famous bay. A welcome. To a unique visit. To an iconic city. To a villa. Villa Favorita.
A place designed for your enjoyment and relaxation.

A unique stay starts
in a unique place

The hotel

An atmosphere of details
large and small

The entire hotel has been designed with great care to achieve an intimate, relaxed and special atmosphere. Thanks to the skill of the artisan professionals brought especially to our house to put the finishing touches to all of the interior elements and details.

Our rooms

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