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Running in San Sebastian: 10 popular races


Running in San Sebastian is a highly recommended experience for both local and visiting athletes. In addition to all the benefits of running, Donostia allows us to enjoy its landscapes while we do it. Furthermore, our city has many areas to practice running on flat ground (an ideal feature for beginners). In fact, as soon as you leave our hotel in La Concha, you can start running around the bay.

Many people in San Sebastian go running all year round. But the city also hosts many popular races, some of which are internationally successful.

10 popular races in San Sebastian

The Behobia-Donostia race is probably the best known race and the one that brings most international runners to the city, but there are many more.

  • Lilatón: A popular female race held around March 8.
  • Carrera de primavera: 10 km race held in March.
  • Media Maratón: In April, the Donostia Half Marathon is held, “one of the most beautiful and fastest routes in Europe”. Starting from the Boulevard, you can choose between two modalities: a half marathon and a 10 km race.
  • Las 5 millas del Urumea: Popular race of five miles, bordering the Urumea river. It was founded with the aim of promoting family sports and helping society by providing financial support to associations that work with the neediest people. Held in: April or May.
  • Cross de las 3 playas: 10km race that runs along the 3 beaches of Donostia. Held in: October.
  • La Clásica 15 km: A popular race of 15, 10 or 5 km that runs through unbeatable surroundings and a flat route perfect for trying out for the Behobia-San Sebastián and the Marathon. Held in: October.
  • Cross Internacional: Historic crossroads held at the San Sebastian Hippodrome, with the participation of both internationally renowned and popular athletes. Historically it has been held in January, but the 2020 edition is scheduled for November.
  • Behobia-Donostia: 20 km popular race, from Behobia to San Sebastian, with an unbeatable atmosphere. It is held on the second weekend of November.
  • Maratón: Urban route marathon, almost no unevenness. You can also run the half-marathon and the 10 km race. It is held at the end of November.
  • San Silvestre: A popular race that is celebrated on the last day of the year in different parts of the world. The route of the San Silvestre in San Sebastian is approximately 8 km long.

As you can see, Donostia offers popular and professional races of different distances for all tastes. If we add to this wide variety all the areas where you can run in the city, we can say that San Sebastian is a runner’s paradise.

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